STEM enthusiast Peter blends passion for science with fitness mastery. Certified in Bioengineering and Fitness, he specializes in strength, rehab, and education, tailoring training to individual needs since 2018.



Peter has always enjoyed knowing how things worked, and wouldn’t correct you if you considered him a bit of a geek. His studies are in the STEM field and he can talk your ear off about the cool things that are happening in that space.

However, he has seen the importance that having a strong and well-functioning body has on quality of life, and has dedicated time to understand how it works—physically, physiologically, and psychologically.

Another thing that Peter likes is people, in all their complexity. He has built a solid understanding on how to properly program training into the life of a real person, without pretending they're a blank canvas, so that it actually serves them a purpose.


- Bachelors of Science; Bioengineering Major

- Cert III & IV Fitness

- HLTAID003/002/001 (Provide First Aid/Basic Emergency Life Support/CPR)

- Boxing Level 1

How can I help:

- Strength

- Hypertrophy

- Rehab cooperation with AHPs

- Back pain prevention

- Eccentric overload training

- Education on the principles of training


Having worked as a personal trainer since 2018, most of his training sessions fall under 3 categories: strength and hypertrophy focused, rehab work based on correspondence with Allied Health Professionals, and education (familiarising clients with the gym, and teaching fundamental principles of training). He is more than happy to use this experience to help you!